AT&T Launches CruiseCast In-Car Sat TV Service

While a lot of mobile carriers in America are still struggling to carve out a larger audience for mobile TV, AT&T is forging ahead with its in-car satellite TV service. Despite a great possibility that most folks in this economy won't be digging deep to ensure that their kids are situated with live television on every trip to the day care, we definitely admire the effort. After all, this is innovation, and while it may be pricey now, we certainly like the possibilities for the future.

Deemed CruiseCast, this interesting new take on mobile TV actually puts live, satellite television in your vehicle. We're not talking about some gimped up service, this is the real deal. Of course, the channel lineup is a bit less deep compared to something like DirecTV, but we'd say the variety is plenty for most road trips. Essentially, users can have a $1,299 kit installed in this vehicle, and then they can sign up for a $28 per month subscription service to actually deliver content to the vehicle. A steep barrier to entry, for sure, but the monthly fees aren't all that outrageous compared to what most folks pay for cable or sat TV anyway.

Currently, the service provides 42 channels of entertainment, and it can be installed into pretty much any car / truck / SUV out there. Oh, and vans too! At least there's no long-term contract, but we have all ideas that $1,299 price of admission will stop most folks cold. Still, if the pricing becomes a touch more reasonable, we could totally see this taking off.