AT&T Introduces Four New Quick Messaging Cellphones

Messaging and mobile data could not possibly be hotter right now, and AT&T knows it. The company has just debuted four new messaging phones for their Spring lineup, perfect for those who just came back from Spring Break with a "lost, stolen, missing or otherwise broken" cellphone. We know there are quite a few of you in that camp too, so don't play coy.

In an effort to get mobile data out to more people, AT&T is bringing smartphone-like experiences to a wider range of powerful yet affordable devices designed for the mass-market. The new lineup of four Quick Messaging devices will be "among the first to offer a new suite of consumer data services that will significantly enhance messaging, video and photo sharing, and contacts management." The four newcomers are listed and detailed below, and all four are exceptionally affordable. Just watch out for any monthly data plans, though--oftentimes it is better to pony up for something like an iPhone up front in order to best take advantage of that $30/month data plan.

The new quick messaging phones lineup for spring 2010 includes:

  • Samsung Strive™ — In addition to featuring the new AT&T services, the Samsung Strive will be available on March 21 in two color combinations, black/silver and purple/charcoal. Strive features a 2.0-megapixel camera and a vertical slide design to reveal a full keyboard for tapping out info on Mobile Email, instant messaging and social networking apps like AT&T Social Net with ease. The Strive will be available for $19.99 for a limited time with a two-year agreement and after $50 mail-in rebate, as part of AT&T's current 50%-off quick messaging phones promotion.
  • Samsung Sunburst™ — With a stunning design that accents Sunburst's touch screen, the GPS-enabled phone is fun and sophisticated, with a curvy exterior and light accent below the screen. A widget bar feature allows one-touch access to a wealth of phone functions like creating a text message, in addition to direct links to social networking sites. Sunburst will also be available on March 21 for $39.99 after a two-year agreement and $50 mail-in-rebate.
  • Pantech Link — An ultra slim and light, full keyboard quick messaging phone. Link's contemporary design makes it one of the sharpest in the popular, bar-style family of handsets. With black and blue accents, Link provides direct access to a fun and sought-after range of features such as Mobile Email, instant messaging, AT&T Mobile Share, AT&T Social Net, AT&T Navigator and more. Link will be available in AT&T stores and online in the coming weeks.
  • Pantech Pursuit — Combining a full touch screen with a vertical sliding keyboard, the Pantech Pursuit plays host to a set of cool and unique features via shortcuts on Pantech's first touch user interface for easy, customizable access to apps and features like AT&T Social Net, AT&T Address Book, and social networking sites. Available in the summer in green or blue, the Pursuit will also support face recognition software and geotagging to get the most out of your pictures.