AT&T eXpo Smartphone Includes A Snap-On Mobile Projector

Up until now two major things have evaded AT&T: an Android phone and Snapdragon. If you're unfamiliar with the second, Snapdragon is a new mobile CPU that can be clocked as high as 1GHz, and the phones based on that CPU are understandably quick. Starting this week, AT&T will at least be able to say that it stocks a 1GHz smartphone (that sounds funny just saying it!), as LG Mobile's eXpo has made its debut on the US carrier.

The phone is a real workhorse, and it sports a few really unique features. For starters, it supports AT&T's growing 7.2Mbps HSPA network, which is the fastest form of 3G on AT&T. Moreover, it's the first phone in America to support an optional integrated pico projector. That's right, this phone is available with a snap-on projector! In case you've missed out on the first wave of pico projectors, you can now get your next phone and your first pico projector in one fell swoop.

The G Mobile Projector snaps onto the back of the device and allows users to share presentations, slideshows and even online videos straight from their mobile phone, and while it does add some bulk, it weighs just 1.8oz. and is extremely mobile considering that it's a full-fledged projector. It can project images as far as eight feet.

Need more technology? This phone also supports fingerprint recognition from AuthenTec, and the Smart Sensor complements the touchscreen user interface of the eXpo by also providing precise cursor control for text editing, 4-way menu navigation, and AuthenTec’s unique turbo-scroll feature for rapid browsing of long emails, contact lists or websites. The LG eXpo is powered by Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional, and it boasts a 3.2" touch screen, a QWERTY keypad, 5.0MP camera, GPS and a microSD slot. It'll be available to enterprise customers and for purchase online at for $199.99 after mail-in rebate starting on December 7th.