AT&T Enticing New Line Activations for AT&T Next Service With $100 Bill Credit - Readying for iPhone 6?

AT&T is rolling out a new promotion for its AT&T Next service, and it has to make you wonder if the carrier is prepping for the iPhone 6. With Apple holding its big event on September 9th and rampant speculation that the iPhone 6 will be making its debut there, it seems to be the perfect time to unveil a $100 credit for a mobile service that is aimed at people who want to have the latest smartphones. New and existing users can snag this deal – so long as you activate a new line.

AT&T Next has a new deal with a $100 credit that may be handy for people buying the new iPhone 6
AT&T Next is designed for people who want to upgrade their phones frequently. Image credit: AT&T

AT&T Next is an alternative to the typical two-year contract for phone buyers. The idea is that the cost of the phone is broken into monthly payments and all activation fees, upgrade fees, and standard service contracts are taken off the table. You choose between the Next 12 or Next 18 plans, which let you upgrade your phone after 12 or 18 months, respectively.

The $100 credit, which is available for consumers and small businesses, is only available until September 30th. That should be enough time to snag yourself an iPhone 6, though, assuming that the iPhone is announced on the 9th and becomes available in the next week or so, as iPhones often do. Of course, that’s a lot of assuming – if you have your heart set on an iPhone 6 and want the credit, you’ll need to wait and see, keeping that small window in mind.