AT&T Enhances AT&T Smart Limits For Wireless

AT&T is adding two new enhancements to its Smart Limits for Wireless parental control offering. With the updates, parents will now be able to block up to 30 numbers to prevent unwanted or harassing calls and text messages on their child’s phone. To help prevent bill shock, AT&T is also adding 411 calls to a restricted list of numbers. The service also provides parents with the ability to limit or restrict on-phone purchases.

AT&T Announces Enhancements to AT&T Smart Limits for Wireless

Parents Now Able to Block Twice the Number of Unwanted Calls and Texts

Dallas, Texas, May 02, 2011 - AT&T* today announced the addition of two new enhancements to AT&T Smart Limits for Wireless, bringing an increased level of parental control to two of the service’s most popular features. Compatible with AT&T’s quick messaging and feature phones such as the HTC Freestyle™ and LG Neon™ II – especially popular amongst teens – the enhancements provide adults with even more control over their child’s mobile phone experience, and complement AT&T’s broader suite of safety and management tools provided through AT&T Smart Controls.

New updates include:

  • Increase in Blocked Numbers: Block more numbers than ever before. Parents can now block up to 30 numbers, twice the previous number, to prevent unwanted or harassing calls and text messages on their child’s phone. The feature extends to both incoming and outgoing calls and text messages and can be modified at any time.
  • Additional Cost Controls: Add 411 calls to a restricted list of numbers. To help parents better manage call and download activity, AT&T Smart Limits for Wireless provides cost control tools to limit or restrict download purchases and calls – now including calls made to 411. 

As one of AT&T’s leading services for parents, AT&T Smart Limits for Wireless provides additional peace of mind and control when managing a child’s wireless experience.

In addition to the above, service features include:

  • Establish times of day the phone can be used for mobile Web browsing, messaging and outbound calls.
  • Filter access to Internet content that is inappropriate for children.
  • Define the number of text and instant messages allowed.
  • Determine the amount of Web browsing usage allowed per billing cycle.
  • Limit downloadable purchases such as ringtones, games, graphics and other content to a certain dollar amount.

AT&T Smart Limits for Wireless is available for $4.99 a month per line to AT&T consumers who subscribe to a postpaid wireless rate plan. To learn more, visit AT&T Smart Controls — an all-in-one online destination dedicated to giving AT&T customers more control over their wireless, TV, Internet and home phone experience.

*AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc.

Internet access is required to manage your account settings. Some Smart Limit features do not work with certain phones or services. Other restrictions and limitations apply. See for complete details.

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