AT&T Enables Enhanced Push-to-Talk + Wi-Fi Calling For iPhone

Your iPhone might be on its way to chirping a lot more than it used to. AT&T just announced that its Enhanced Push-To-Talk (EPPT) feature is available to AT&T business customers through a new app available for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. This marks the first time a U.S. carrier is offering push-to-talk capabilities on iPhone, but we have to wonder if it'll be the last. In addition, AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk can now be used over Wi-Fi, giving U.S.-based customers improved in-building coverage and access to the service via compatible Wi-Fi networks. Curiously, T-Mobile supports Wi-Fi calling on a slew of its devices, but the iPhone isn't one of them.

"Across industries such as manufacturing, engineering, hospitality, construction and government, organizations need instant communications in challenging environments," said Mike Troiano, Vice President, Advanced Mobility Solutions, AT&T Business Solutions. "From the start, AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk was designed specifically for AT&T's speedy 4G LTE networks and now we are offering even more devices so our business customers can communicate faster and to larger talk groups."

Key features of AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk for iPhone include:
  • -- Larger contact lists and talk groups than competitive push-to-talk solutions
  • -- Ability to combine push-to-talk services and mobile applications, with help available from AT&T's team of mobility consulting and integration experts
  • -- Supervisory override that allows supervisors to communicate important time sensitive messages to their team
  • -- Call setup in less than one second