AT&T Deal With Mojio Could Turn 160 Million Vehicles Into Connected Cars

A deal between AT&T and Mojio will turn cars, manufactured after 1996, into connected cars through AT&T’s wireless network. This would allow eligible cars already on U.S. roads, around 160 million vehicles, to be able to run a self-diagnostic to make sure everything is alright among other things.

“Having AT&T as our US based carrier is a huge milestone for us,” said Mojio ceo Jay Giraud, “Not only does it have an extremely powerful network, our interests are aligned in leading the connected car space.”

The Mojio is a cellular device that will plug into a car’s onboard diagnostic port. Once connected, and working in conjunction with AT&T’s wireless network, owners will then be able to monitor, diagnose, and locate their car with a companion app for iOS or Android smartphones. While the device’s abilities are impressive, the company is looking to third-party apps to increase its potential by adding more features such as automated trip expensing, parking payments, home automation connections, and more.

Mojio will be available sometime during the holiday season and will retail for $149. The price includes the first year of service for free and, afterwards, consumers will be charged $4.99 per month.