AT&T Cashing In On Smartphones, Sold 6.4M In Q4 Thus Far

AT&T is enjoying record sales of smartphones this quarter. As a result, the wireless carrier could exceed expectations for smartphone sales for the entire year. While speaking at an investor conference, Ralph de la Vega, CEO of AT&T's mobility arm, said AT&T has already sold 6.4 million smartphones in the first two months of the current quarter. As a result, de la Vega expects to sell 26 million smartphones this year. If this holds true, AT&T will sell 1 million more smartphones than initially expected.

"What we're seeing is tremendous response in the marketplace," de la Vega said. "Excitement is at all time high. I feel very good about momentum going into December."

Typically, smartphone sales pick up in December as a result of holiday purchases, and AT&T is preparing for the increased demand. The carrier has improved its supply of iPhones. AT&T also offers a number of other popular phones such as the LG Optimus G and the Nokia Lumia 920.

In addition to record smartphone sales, AT&T is also optimistic about increased tablet sales. AT&T currently offers a number of tablet options, including the iPad, various Android tablets, and tablets running on Windows RT and Windows 8.