AT&T Brings Free TV And Movies To Your TV, Phone

AT&T will become the next entrant into the realm of streaming television and movies, with a slew of content partnerships and the launch of a new website, AT&T Entertainment.

The "video entertainment" will be available through partnerships with networks and studios that include ABC, Bravo, CBS Entertainment, CBS News, CNBC, NBC, Oxygen, SyFy, The CW and USA Network, through partnerships with ABC, NBC Universal (via Hulu) and CBS Interactive.

Users will be able to browse the available shows and movies alphabetically, by genre, by network or by studio and the television shows will be available after their initial broadcast airing. The site will be available on computers and smartphones.

What makes this site different from some similar, previously announced sites, such as Comcast's "TV Everywhere" initiative (Time Warner and Verizon also have latched onto that program), is that you don't have to be an AT&T customer to get the channel. The site is open to everyone. And free.

But AT&T U-verse TV and Internet customers will have an advantage over other users. They can use the U-verse Web Remote Access application to schedule and manage their DVR recordings via the web. While the application isn't new - it's been available since 2006, now it can be used for the web-based content as well. And AT&T U-verse isn't available everywhere yet, either.

The company said it was looking to add more programming and movies from other major providers in the near future.
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