AT&T Bringing iPhone Insurance Plan To Life On July 17th

Tired of wondering if today's the day you're going to drop and shatter your AT&T iPhone 4? Thankfully, that sweating can all be over. For the longest time, the iPhone was the one phone that AT&T wouldn't offer typical monthly insurance on. They'd do it for every other phone, even Android smartphones, but not the jewel of Apple's eye. But now, years after the original popped up on the carrier's shelves, that's changing.

There's finally a new AT&T-endorsed insurance policy for the iPhone, but the odd thing is that existing owners cannot join in on the security. Unless you purchased your phone within the last 30 days, that is. iPhones will become eligible for the Asurion Mobile Insurance plans starting on July 17th, so any new owner can sign up at that point for $5 per month. That's a few dollars less than Verizon Wireless' iPhone insurance plan, but it's possible VZW will shift things down after that.

So, you finally buying an iPhone now that you can rest easy as an owner?

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