AT&T Boosts Data, Adds Unlimited Calling And Texting To Mexico For $60 GoPhone Plan

Over the past few months, AT&T has been expanding into the Mexican market courtesy of key telecom acquisitions. We saw the first fruits of this expansion in January when AT&T announced that its wireless subscribers could add unlimited calling to Mexico for an extra $5 per month.

Now, AT&T is extending its newfound fondness for Mexico to select prepaid GoPhone plans. The $60 GoPhone plan will now include unlimited calling and texting to Mexico at no additional charge. To sweeten this plan even further, AT&T is also bumping up the monthly allotment of high speed LTE data from 2.5GB to 4GB at no additional charge.

lumia520 gophone

For those on the cheaper, $45 plan, you haven’t been forgotten. AT&T is also freely boosting the monthly data pool from 1GB to 1.5GB. But be forewarned, while both plans have seen their LTE data caps raised, you’ll still be throttled back significantly once you cross your data threshold. That means if you cross 4GB on your $60 plan, your data speeds will be reduced from LTE-level to a snail-like 128kbps for the remainder of your 30-day term.

The free unlimited calling to Mexico on the $60 plan and increased data caps on both plans are completely automatic and require no intervention from customers. Both plan changes will take place starting February 20.