AT&T Boosting 3G Network Speed

Now that AT&T is taking on iPhone 3G customers by the truckload, not to mention its endeavor to sell all sorts of data-using netbooks, it only makes sense to push some of that subscriber revenue back into the network. Recent reports are suggesting that the nation's largest GSM carrier is looking to double the capacity of its high-speed mobile broadband network "in order to accommodate a slate of new data-heavy devices that may include a new iPhone from Apple."

Beyond that little 'new iPhone' hint -- which should come as no shock to anyone who realizes that WWDC is just weeks away -- we're told that AT&T's network could soon support 7.2Mbps download speeds. Currently, the 3G network tops out at 3.6Mbps. We're told that the carrier has already boosted speeds in a few test locations, but now it's looking to take those trials out to the public.

Of course, the move is interesting giving just how close we are to initial LTE rollouts. Long-Term Evolution, or 4G, is what AT&T has committed to, and if plans go well, we could see LTE test markets lit by as early as next year. To be fair, anyone who has used data-intensive devices on AT&T's network has likely hit a rough patch or two, so we're certainly not complaining about making improvements now. 
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