AT&T Begins Rolling Out 3G Upload Speed Fix

AT&T has begun rolling out a software fix to fix an issue in Alcatel-Lucent equipment that was causing users in some parts of the country to experience slower uploads. The company said it hoped the problem could be resolved in 2-3 weeks.

Although iPhone users were the most vocal when the issue first appeared, it wasn't device specific. After investigation, AT&T determined the issue had to do with firmware in Alcatel-Lucent's 3G base station hardware.

 AT&T said the issue affected less than two percent of their customer base. Using their recently provided wireless subscriber number of 90.1 million, that would be about 1.8 million subscribers, all of whom are probably ticked off at the beleaguered carrier, regardless of whether or not its AT&T's issue, or Alcatel-Lucent's.
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