AT&T begins offering unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling

As the Verizon iPhone starts reaching the hands of end users, AT&T continues to add incentives to its service to try to keep end users. In this case, effective today, which coincidentally is when the Verizon iPhone reaches retail stores, AT&T customers will have unlimited calling to any U.S. mobile number.

Similar to Sprint's service, this is to any carrier.  Topping Sprint's service, however, AT&T still has their A-List which allows a certain number of "favorites" to which unlimited calling is allowed, even to wired lines.  Of course, there are caveats. To get the free mobile-to-mobile calling, you have to subscribe to unlimited text messaging. Unlimited messaging costs $20 per month on an individual plan or $30 per month on a FamilyTalk Plan, which allows for up to five lines.

It's an incentive, and it's a nice plus for those staying with AT&T. It's probably not going to be as big a splash as the Verizon iPhone hitting stores, however.  It's also not going to affect the lines that are already greeting Verizon and other retailer storefronts in parts of the country.
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