AT&T Announces First LTE Cities, Limited to Five in the Summer

AT&T has announced the first cities that will get its 4G LTE service. These cities, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta and San Antonio, will see AT&T's version of of LTE this summer.

Verizon's LTE service, which launched in real (non-beta testing) form late last year, though sans handsets, has vowed to get its LTE service into 175 markets by the end of 2011 It announced on Tuesday that 21 new markets would see LTE on June 16. Verizon expects to cover 2/3 of the U.S. population by mid-2012.

Meanwhile, AT&T continues to lag, with only 10 additional markets to be added to the initial five [and why are so many in Texas?] in the second half of the year. AT&T hopes to cover 70 million Americans by the end of 2011.

The company added that it would ship 20 4G devices later this year, with "some" being LTE-capable. AT&T (and T-Mobile) have claimed their HSPA+ service is 4G, but most have called it "faux 4G."

In reality, at first the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), which is the defining body, said that the first revision of Long Term Evolution (LTE) and WiMax did not meet its requirements for 4G. Later, it backtracked and said that both of those, along with HSPA+ could be called 4G.
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