AT&T and Verizon Make Up (No KIssing, Though)

AT&T has dropped its lawsuit Verizon over the latter's "There's A Map For That" commercials. The commercials, which began earlier this year, mocked the iPhone's coverage issues on AT&T by saying there was "a map for that," a take-off on the "there's an app for that" tagline used for the iPhone.

However, the commercials put two maps side-by-side comparing Verizon's 3G coverage to AT&T's. While it's true that Verizon's 3G coverage is covers far more of the US when compared to AT&T's, AT&T said that the maps confused consumers, leading them to believe that AT&T had no coverage at all in the white areas of the map. Thus, the AT&T lawsuit.

However, AT&T lost the first round of that fight, and thus has given in. Certainly, Verizon hasn't. As it told AT&T in response to the lawsuit, "the truth hurts." Verizon just launched a holiday-themed version of its map ads, as seen below.
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