AT&T Adds Unlimited Prepaid Plan

Today, AT&T launched its first unlimited-use prepaid plan for GoPhone prepaid customers. Under the $60/month plan, users get unlimited talk, text, instant messaging, and video messaging to anyone within the U.S. The plan also offers unlimited texting, IM, picture, and video messaging to anyone in Mexico, Canada, and more than 100 other countries. As with all GoPhone offerings, no contract is required.

“We recognize GoPhone customers have a need for unlimited calling or texting without the commitment of an annual contract,” said Judy Cavalieri, vice president of Prepaid Products for AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. “The new Unlimited Talk and Text package enhances our prepaid options to give customers the flexibility of a national network with no contract requirement.”

The plan may be new to AT&T and GoPhone, but it's not completely unique. We've seen similar unlimited prepaid plans from other carriers and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) before. For example, Boost Mobile introduced a $50/month plan with unlimited voice, text, and mobile web earlier this year.

For users who are thinking the new GoPhone plan could be a good substitute for AT&T's postpaid unlimited offering, there are a few things to consider. First, the GoPhone plans are only available on a limited number of devices. Second, phones acquired with a postpaid contract generally receive a larger subsidy and thus a lower price. Finally, network coverage for the GoPhone service is limited to AT&T's native network. The postpaid offering includes greater coverage through roaming agreements.

AT&T also offers a prepaid GoPhone plan with unlimited nationwide calling for $3/day. Under this plan, charges only apply on days when users make or receive voice calls.