AT&T Adds Four Full Web Browsing Phones

If AT&T's latest Windows Mobile 6.5 phones don't suit your fancy, perhaps you'll be interested in one of the company's four other new phones announced today. The Pantech Reveal and Impact will join the Samsung Mythic and Flight in AT&T's phone portfolio. All four new models feature full Web browsers as well as physical and virtual keyboards.

The new phones are the first to come with AT&T's new richer and faster HTML mobile browser and service preloaded. The new mobile platform uses data compression from Opera Software to provide faster delivery of HTML Web pages.

AT&T's new browser provides users with three windows to the Web. From the homepage, users can browse the Internet and assign bookmarks and shortcuts. A second window provides location-aware local news and weather as well as one-click results for nearby restaurants, ATMs, and other points of interest. A third window displays headlines from popular news, sports, and entertainment sites. Customers can also customize their mobile page by sending shortcuts to Web sites through a Send To Mobile feature.

Pantech Reveal

On shelves October 18 in red and blue, Reveal is a slim and snappy slider that features an open-faced numeric keypad on the front of the phone which slides up to uncover a full keyboard underneath. Uniquely, both sets of keys stay active simultaneously, giving users fast access to numbers and letters at the same time. Whether updating your status with new pictures and videos, or texting, IMing or emailing friends, Reveal keeps you connected to your digital life at every turn. Reveal utilizes AT&T Navigator and the power of 3G to make GPS, surfing the Web and listening to music fast and convenient.

Pantech Impact

Bringing a new form factor along with a more color choices to the quick messaging portfolio, Impact features an OLED touch screen that lets users send text messages, make calls, and control their music library without having to open the phone. Impact's screen features haptic controls which register each key-press with a soft, tactile buzz. A sideways flip of the phone reveals a full physical keyboard and a second display screen, allowing for a fuller experience when typing longer messages. Additionally, Impact's bright screen and tri-band 3G functionality, lets users manage social networks and explore the Internet with quickness and ease. Available in two colors, pink and blue.

Samsung Mythic

A touch screen-only device, the AT&T Mobile TV-capable Mythic will be available in black in November. The large 3.3 inch touch screen scrolls left to right on the home screen for additional applications with the touch of a finger. With the swipe of a finger you are a touch away from your favorite apps including AT&T Navigator, AT&T Social Net, and more. Samsung's TouchWiz user interface allows for quick access to your favorite features and has specially designed widgets to customize and personalize the way you use your phone.

Samsung Flight

The next generation messaging device from Samsung, the Flight has a vertical sliding form factor, with full keyboard underneath. A textured design and subtle ridge on the back make it easy to text or use the touch screen with one hand. The main display features a unique user interface which provides one-touch access to functions like shortcuts, favorites and messaging. The Flight, available in red and silver color options, will be available in November.