ATI's Next Mobo for Intel

Just in time for the weekend, Fudo has posted an interesting bit of news regarding the next motherboard ATI will be cooking up for Intel. Apparently, we won't be seeing any earth-shattering changes in this next iteration aside from the switch from DDR to DDR2 memory. However, Fudo does leave us with a hint regarding the next motherboard to follow and suggests we might even see HDMI (and likely a much more powerful IGP).

The next motherboard based on ATI Radeon Xpress 200 chipset is scheduled for Q1 2006 and will be known as Grand County 2. Intel will use the rather less impressive D101GGC2 name for it. The board will be very similar to its predecessor, but this time will support DDR 2 memory. D101GGC supports DDR1 memory only. It is a micro ATX motherboard with integrated graphic and PCIe graphic slot, it has two PCI slots and one PCIe slot.
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