ATI RS690T Has Dedicated RAM

The Inquirer reports that AMD/ATI's upcoming RS690T IGP chipset will have its own local memory to increase performance. The main issue being overcome here is the latency between the IGP and memory. On the AMD platform, this latency is extremely small thanks to the integrated memory controller for the CPU. By comparison, the latency between the GPU and memory is extremely large. By hijacking the PCIEx16 interface, the chipset can supposedly support up to 128MB of local memory which will significantly reduce latencies. Time will tell how big of a performance differential the inclusion of a local frame buffer will make in terms of real-world performance. Regardless, I don't think anyone will complain about IGP chipsets getting a much-needed boost in performance.

This trick has, however, been done before by our Taiwanese chums SiS, with their 770 chipset for the K8 platform, but also even earlier back with some members of the SiS630, a Pentium III chipset. However the stronger X700-derived GPU of the X700 should benefit more from higher bandwidth than the older SiS ones, so it's a neat move.


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