ATI Radeon MAXX?

The Inquirer reports that ATI is preparing to bring their dual GPU "Gemini" technology to the company's refresh of their flagship R580 GPU. Here, two GPU's will be placed on a single PCB allowing for Quad-Crossfire configurations using standard dual PCI-Express graphics card slots. A few years back, ATI did a similar thing with their "MAXX" series of Rage graphics chipsets. It will certainly be interesting to see how history repeats itself with a "MAXX" series of R590 GPU's.

The final physical design is far from being completed but ATI's Gemini X1600 is a concept where two chips fit on a single PCB. However, in order to create room for two 256 bit memory interface and quadrupled power consumption and heat dissipation - you need to be very creative. Enter creative engineering.
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