ATI R650 To Launch In Q3?

According to a report at Fudzilla, AMD/ATI plan to release the follow-up product to R600, the R650 in Q3. The author claims the R650 will be at the heart of the Radeon HD 2950 XTX coupled to 1GB of GDDR4 memory.
"ATI hasn't launched the R600 yet and it is already planning its next launch of a die shrinked version. It won't be launching the 1024 MB graphics card until Q3. It plans to launch the R650 chip and brand it as Radeon HD 2950XTX, 1024 MB GDDR4.

The chip is called R650 and it is a 65 nanometre core, how convenient. With this new chip ATI might have a fighting chance against the Geforce 8800 Ultra, but the real question is what will Nvidia have at that time."

Sounds like a similar scenario to R580, which eventually became known as the Radeon X1900. After the X1800 launched prior to numerous delays, the X1900 was released roughly three months later.
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