ATI R600 To Consume 250W!

Fudo over at The Inquirer reports that their sources are indicating ATI's next generation R600 GPU will consume an obscene 250W of power! By comparison, the current flagship GPU's consume less than 150W under the most taxing conditions. Should this figure prove true, it is no wonder we're hearing rumors of factory-watercooled graphics cards and other exotic cooling solutions. With the card now slated for launch sometime in Q1 2007, we have a fair amount of time before ATI shows us what cards they have up their sleeve with this GPU.

This means that the R600 will consume twice as much power, and probably will end up close to twice as warm but we also hear it will get much faster then the current cards with sixty four pipelines. It could easily end up twice as fast than the current ATI offerings. It is now a January/February chip, so it will be a while until we have this baby on our desk but after a long time we are getting mildly titillated at the prospect.


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