ATI R600 GPU Delayed (Again)

The gang over at The Inquirer report that sources are indicating AMD/ATI will be forced to re-spin the company's upcoming R600 GPU, resulting in yet another delay for the flagship graphics chipset. This must be especially painful for ATI as NVIDIA's GeForce 8800 series is enjoying its spot on top of the performance charts and does so without any other challenger. Some "preliminary" benchmarks which were leaked last week suggest some exceptional performance from the R600 GPU and seems to indicate ATI will retain the performance crown. However, with critical issues still plaguing the GPU it is hard to put any faith in the numbers until we can get our own hands on some stable silicon. Regardless, ATI fans will now likely be waiting until early March to see what new tricks the company has up their sleeves.

The last revision of the prototype chip - upon which a certain "pre-review" is based - also suffers from problems which are serious enough to get another re-spin, sources tell me. This re-spin puts a hold on the launch for another couple of weeks, and now R600 is looking like an early March launch, probably the week before SnowBIT in Hangover. However, AMD/ATI is making severe changes to the whole line up and we can say that this launch, when it happens, will be very, very shocking for the 3D industry.


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