Anandtech has just posted some info on a very interesting new product ATI is showing at CES. Currently dubbed OCUR, it is essentially a CableCard tuner that works with Windows Vista allowing your PC to (finally) become a true HD PVR. Although we'll have to wait for the latest and greatest Windows release to use it, seeing both analog and HD signals finally make their way to the PC (and not just OTA HD) is a wonderful sight to behold.

Currently called ATI's OCUR (Open Cable Uni-directional Receiver), the CableCard tuner is presently only a technology demo, with the final product shipping alongside Windows Vista sometime in 2006 (Microsoft is officially saying "Holiday Season 2006"). Despite the early nature of the product, the reference design is done and simply waiting for Microsoft to ship their OS. The first versions of the OCUR will be provided exclusively to OEMs and not for retail sale, but ATI will eventually release a product directly to consumers. ATI is currently the only manufacturer to have a ready and certified reference design, and they do say that it is possible that they will be the only one at launch.
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