ATI Gets Its Turn on GPU Physics

With all the recent news of AGEIA's PhysX chip floating around, ATI doesn't want you to forget about their processing power. As PC Perspective tells us, there's "a ton of new and interesting information" in their latest article.

"First, the R580 has a tremendous amount of floating point capability with its 48 pixel shaders. ATI estimates that 375 GFlops for a single card and 750 GFlops for a CrossFire system are open for different processing models. Compared to a blazing fast modern CPU that has 10 GFlops of total floating point calculation capability, the GPU has tremendous opportunity. Interestingly, though no one outside AGEIA knows for sure how much power their PhysX chip actually has, ATI feels that even if they have 25 GFlops of performance running at 100% efficiency, they can more than make up for their slightly lower efficiency with higher GFlops to spend."
Tags:  ATI, GPU, physics, ICS