ATI FirePro 2450 Provides Quad Display Support

Remember the days when we thought that there was no way to get more powerful GPUs without more power consumption? Feels like forever ago, right? Today, AMD has introduced a low-power quad display card that aims to bring "outstanding energy efficiency to multiple display environments." The ATI FirePro 2450 is described as a "low profile quad display graphics accelerator that consumes minimal power, delivering exceptional power efficiency."

The card is engineered to operate at less than 18 watts, enabling cool, energy-efficient operation, as well as superior reliability and longevity. Also, the compact form factor means that it can be deployed out into nearly any system, making it ideal for customers who need more than just two displays, such as in financial services and process control. AMD has created the card for IT departments who want to standardize on one card that can be installed in a broad range of systems, and considering that there's 512MB of onboard RAM and Vista Aero support, it should handle those workstation-type duties with ease.

There's also a PCI Express 2.0 interface, twin VHDCI connectors with breakout cables for quad DVI-I or VGA support and an MSRP of $499. AMD has announced that the card is currently available from system integrators and channel partners worldwide.
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