ATI and NVIDIA Question 80u

DigiTimes reports that both ATI and NVIDIA are questioning the maturity of the new 80u process and will instead, continue using 90u production for all currently shipping cards. A number of new meainstream GPU's from ATI were destined to launch ausing the new 80u process. NVIDIA has not yet committed to using the 80u process so the impact there is quesitonable. Regardless, it appears as though any GPU intended to be made at 80u will now initially be made at 90u for a period of time. Unfortunately, we do not yet know if this process change will have any adverse effects on launch dates.

Although ATI initially planned to launch graphics chips (RV570, RV560, RV535 and RV505) that adopt an 80nm manufacturing process in the third quarter of this year, the makers expect ATI to first roll out 90nm versions of those chips, as the company has been able to improve its yields on 90nm technology production. Nvidia, for its part, has not finalized its plans whether to migrate to 80nm technology production.
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