ATI and NVIDIA Confusing The Inquirer?

This morning, Fudo posted a bit of news regarding ATI's rumored R580+ GPU at The Inquirer. Being an 80u version of the 90u R580 core, this new GPU was more of an interim solution while ATI prepared its next-generation R600 architecture.  Here, Fudo mentions R600 in the statement, "Such timing clearly indicates that ATI is not in a rush to release the R600 and we know that R600 is actually doing just fine. The R600 needs Vista to glow." Apparently, Fudo and Charlie need to talk more often as Charlie seems to insinuate that R600 was well behind NVIDIA's schedule in his own article regarding NVIDIA's next-generation G80 GPU.

WORD HAS IT that the Nvidia G80 chip missed tape out a few weeks ago. It was slated to beat the competing ATI part to market by a good margin, but if this slip is real, it should hit the market at roughly the same time.
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