ATI and NVIDIA Clash, Coolers Galore and Intel's Plans for the future.

Hey gang, Jeff.B stopping in for a little more news bits for you. Having a busy day myself, so let's get down to business.

ATI Rebuts Nvidia With Counter-Claims @

"Responding strongly, Suki Matharu, country manager, ATI India, said, "We can point out 100 flaws with Nvidia drivers and its cards. They cheat the consumers all the time. We can actually kill them as our products are far better."

Five Large P4 Coolers @ OCAU:

"CPU core temperatures were recorded by MBM. It's well known now that the reported on-die CPU temperature should be taken with a large grain of salt as it can vary from motherboard to motherboard. However for the purposes of our comparison the values are directly comparable because the only thing changing is the CPU cooler. We also taped a flat thermal probe to the back of the motherboard, behind the CPU socket, for another sanity-check measurement."

Intel Preps Processor Extensions to Coincide with Longhorn:

"Microprocessor giant Intel briefed reporters last week about plans to evolve its x86 products in a direction that more closely matches that of the software industry. In addition to a suite of chips designed for the enterprise market, Intel will also ship so-called designer processors that will feature new technology extensions that take advantage of the unique features in Longhorn, the next major version of Windows."