Athlon 64 FX55 San Diego OCing, Abit AL8, and more!

Hey folks, we've got a pretty big update for you tonight. If your looking for a project to work on, and have one of those old style LCD monitors with the large housing for the screen, then you might want to check out this thread over at the GideonTech forums. The only time I've tried to mod a monitor was when I was about 10... dad wasn't happy ;) Goodnight all.

Athlon 64 FX55 San Diego Core Prometia Mach II Overclocking @ AMD Zone

"AMD quietly updated the FX55 to a San Diego core a couple of months ago. With this core an improved 90nm process, SSE3, and tweaks to the memory controller were added. We quickly tested the overclocking ability of this new FX with high end air. We were able to reach 3.1GHz, but had to fall back to 3GHz for benchmarking. Now we add another tool to our overclocking arsenal as we utilize the Prometia Mach II phase change cooler to bring the CPU down to negative 40 degrees Celcius. Our goal is to push the CPU to new heights, and get the highest clock benchmarks we can."

More Competition for Apple iPod Shuffle @ CoolTechZone

"A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to evaluate two of Samsung's portable audio players that competed against Apple's iPod Shuffle rather well. Without repeating the same flaws in the iPod Shuffle, all we want to say is that the lack of screen in Shuffle's case proves to be beneficial to its competition. And knowing that Samsung integrates bright screens in its MP3 players, let's just say that it gives Samsung an edge over Shuffle for sure."

Kingwin AquaStar AS-3000 Liquid Cooling System Video Review @ 3DGameMan

"The Kingwin AquaStar AS-3000 Liquid Cooling System is an all-in-one unit. The pump, radiator, reservoir, and fans are enclosed, making setup a snap. It also can be installed in two 5.25" drive bays or externally. Not only does it come with a CPU water block, but a GPU water block is also included. This is an excellent cooling solution for today's fast PCs. Watch the Video to find out more..."

Apple's Summer Surprise and Comments from IBM @ Designtechnica

"With Apple effectively announcing the end of all Power-based products, it is really hard to see how Apple hardware can survive until the Intel-based offerings show up. Given that Apple normally isn't this stupid, it has led many of us to speculate that there is a summer announcement that will provide the market with its next iPod-like offering."

ABIT AL8 (Intel 945P Express) @ Hardware Zone

"ABIT rekindles some of the old magic with their latest AL8 motherboard based on Intel's 945P Express chipset. The AL8 scores with a feature set that takes full advantage of the PCI Express architecture and turns out to be a good number cruncher."

How To Desolder Components @ Hardware Secrets

"Sometimes PC technicians need to replace electronic components, such as electrolytic capacitors and connectors. The most common case is when you have a motherboard were the electrolytic capacitors lea..."