Athlon 64 3800+(Venice), DDR2 @ CAS2.5, and more!

Hey folks, just thought I'd drop off some news before I head off to bed. Good night!

Neoseeker Athlon 64 3800 Venice @ Neoseeker | Marco's review of the 3800+ Venice Core

"Today at Neoseeker we take a look at an Athlon 64 3800 based on AMD's Venice core revision which features an updated memory controller as well as SSE3 support. Memory tests yielded some interesting results - they are not strictly improvements from the performance stand point per se."

MSI P4N Diamond (nForce4 SLI Intel Edition) @ Hardware Zone

"It isn't everyday we come across a board that impresses us like the MSI P4N Diamond did, but full-fledged performance and an almost perfect feature set was the winning formula by MSI. SB Live! audio, Bluetooth connectivity and triple LAN are just highlights of what's in store. Read on."

Vantec Stealth 520W Power Supply @ PCStats

"The Vantec VAN-520A Stealth power supply has a few nice features that should guarantee it a very successful lifespan in the stores. The ability of the powersupply to manage all three fan speeds is pretty good, as this can be a useful way of keeping your overall system noise down."

DDR2 as Low as Cas. 2.5 @ CoolTechZone

"Thus far, we have seen memory makers offer their DDR2 modules with Cas. Latency of 3 at the lowest. In fact, 3 is what is being as labeled as "low-latency" in the DDR2 market these days, but that may change in the near future."

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