Athlon 64 3000+ (Winchester), Generic PSU Overhaul Mod, and more!

Well I didn't wake up to snow like Jay, but there's a nice coating of it now. I'm stuck in the house until the plows can clear things up, but it's not so bad since I picked up Metroid Prime 2 yesterday... for anyone who hasn't played it but likes Metroid... buy it! Seriously, this game is awesome! I do have to pull myself away from it sometimes, like now... so let's get on with the news so I can get back to my game ;)

LTB USB True 5.1 Surround Sound Headphone Review @ 3DX

"While this headset may not be the cheapest on the market, if you are a serious gamer price may not be a huge consideration. For positional awareness in gaming the LTB USB-M headset just flat out rocks. I play alot of Call of Duty United Offensive online and I was able to be able to hear exactly where the other players were coming from. The 5.1 channel surround is just incredible."

Spire Verticool CPU Cooler @ Techniz

"The cooler is utilizing dual copper heat pipes and a vertical tower design the VertiCool™ is ready to push your AMD(R) Athlon XP to its limits. The VertiCool™ is constructed with a combination of a copper base and horizontal aluminum fins to provide excellent thermal performance and weigh only 333 grams. The VertiCool™ is equipped with Spire's chrome fan guard and heatsink shroud. It's Spire translucent UV reactive blue fan sports meshed wires, operates at 2300 RPM and is quiet at only 25 dBA."

AMD Athlon 64 3000 (Winchester) @

"Our off-the-shelf sample was utterly stable at just under 2.4GHz, cooled only by the supplied reference heatsink. All it took was a slight rise in core voltage and a motherboard capable of scaling with the processor's heightened driven clock. Overclocked benchmark results were on a par with a standard Athlon 64 3800 , a processor that costs almost 4x the £110 3000 retail price."

Generic PSU Overhaul Mod Guide @ Phoronix

"Whether you're just looking for a good time with the soldering iron or have an underprivileged PSU, we have a complete guide full of different ways to improve your indigent PSU."