Atheer Mobile 3-D Interface Combines Google Glass Wearable Computing with Kinect-Like Gesture Control

3D? Virtual reality? It's all commonplace these days, and a new company is hoping to take advantage of those shifting consumer expectations. Atheer, a company bent on "integrating the digital world into the real world," unveiled this week a new mobile 3D platform and natural human interface. For a look at what it'll do, let's hear from the company itself: "Atheer's technology is unlike anything that currently exists in the industry, taking the mobile interface from 2D to an interactive 3D platform centered on human actions. The platform is breaking the display size barrier and has created an experience that is more immersive than a tablet, and more portable than a smartphone. Atheer's technology enables a wearable, portable 3D platform for the first time."

Of course, with Google Glass out in front, we can only expect more companies to try out this whole "wearable computing" thing. Face-worn computers have existing in some form for well over a decade, but the timing feels ripe for mass adoption. Atheer's 3D interface overlays information into users' visual fields in a way that intuitively and effortlessly fits within their frame of reference. This allows users to seamlessly interact with the information by using natural gestures that do not interfere with their regular activity. The mobile 3D platform has effects on daily activities ranging from navigation and gaming, to interactive education and health.

"What we're doing is so complex and novel that we had to pull together an interdisciplinary team of specialists at the top of their fields to integrate their expertise. The result has been innovative, patented technology that allows our platform to solve a large number of interconnected problems from low-power detection, natural gesture interfaces and sensor fusion, to user ergonomics and UX," continued Soulaiman. "Because our talented team has integrated their diverse skills to test the technology in a natural mobile paradigm, we've been able to create the first fully portable platform."

The platform allows users to leverage regular 2D Android applications, and has the capability to be integrated with any operating system. It also allows for the development of 3D applications specifically for the platform. Atheer gives developers an opportunity to develop 3D augmented reality applications for the first time, allowing them to build more immersive apps and user experiences. The Atheer technology and 3D applications built for the platform are fundamentally disrupting the existing mobile market, and will usher in a 3D mobile device market.

Atheer is currently in the product development phase. The company will be working closely with developers to build 3D applications for the platform, and will be conducting developer demonstrations throughout Summer 2013. Interested developers can find more information here: