Atari Minimum ‘Minimalistic Stylized’ Multiplayer Shooter Comes To Steam

Yes folks, Atari is still around, and though it's no longer the same company that brought us the iconic Atari 2600 game console in the late 1970s, the brand is still involved in gaming. Atari's latest project is called Minimum, a third-person shooter set in a minimalistic stylized universe featuring 5-on-5 combat, and it's now available on Steam for just $4.99, marked down on sale from $9.99 for a limited time.

You can also score a team pack consisting of five copies for $17.49, marked down from $34.99, bringing the tally for you and four friends to just $3.50 each. However you slice it, Steam's offering some good old-fashioned fun for a pittance.


Perhaps you've already heard of Minimum, and maybe even played it before now. That's because this was one of Steam's Early Access titles. It's now a fully polished title that graduated from the Early Access program, hence why it's temporarily being offered for half off.

Minimum isn't likely to win any game of the year awards, though for the money, gamers looking to mix up their library would be well served to check it out. The title is fleshed out with customizable characters and weapons -- you earn points from arena games, which you can then use to craft and upgrade items, weapons, and armor -- and there are even titan battles. Yes, seriously.

You can check it out on Steam.
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