Atari Casino Lets Players Gamble Online With Cryptocurrency

atari casino

Atari has announced a new casino gaming system that it says has no local restrictions because of its use of cryptocurrencies. The gaming company says that its dedicated Atari Casino team has designed the service to provide users with the best online casino experience to date. The casino has a "collection of all the best Atari games" and boasts popular casino games as well.

Stakes are adjustable for each player allowing users to always find a table in a game that's right for them. The casino has no local restrictions, and oddly there is no mention of age restrictions. Atari promises that payouts will arrive to players quickly because crypto transactions are faster than bank transfers. 

Standard casino games like roulette and blackjack are available for users to play, among other classic games. Slot machines are a big feature of the online casino, and the system is designed to allow players to chat with other gamers as if they were in a real casino. Atari says that cryptocurrency is accepted, but players can also play with Atari Token. The catalog of games includes games of luck, games of skill, and hybrids that combine luck and skill.

Casino table games such as blackjack and roulette are operated by live Atari staff. Exactly when the casino will open is unknown, Atari only says that it is coming soon. Soon is a relative term with Atari, its Atari VCS game console has yet to ship.