At Long Last, Google+ App for iPad Finally Lands in Apple's App Store

It may have taken what feels like an eternity, but iPad users can now hop on Apple's App Store and download the official Google+ app rather than using a stretched out version of the iPhone app or navigating Google's social network via Safari.

"The Google+ app for iPad was designed with the device in mind," Google stated in a blog post. "Your stream styles content based on popularity, type, and orientation. We've also added unique ways to interact with the app."

Those "unique ways" include the ability to pinch and expand posts in your stream to add your comments, using two fingers to drag a post from your stream to re-share it, and starting a Hangout from your iPad and streaming it to your TV using Airplay.

Google_ for iPad

There's also a new Google+ Events feature (for iPhone and iPad) which allows you to create and manage events from your mobile device, post comments, and upload photos. It's not terribly different from Facebook events, except they'll stay in your Google+ stream.

If you decide to download the app and give it a spin, be sure to add HotHardware to your circles!