Asus WX-DL Multi-Touch Mouse: Galactic Hockey Puck?

Asus is mostly known these days for their netbooks, but they still make a fair amount of desktop systems, LCD monitors and other PC peripherals. The accessories that they make are probably least known, but this one is pretty unforgettable. For the most part, a mouse is a mouse, with the occasional Magic Trackpad or Razer Naga making waves in an industry that has become somewhat stale.

The Asus WX-DL mouse is definitely not stale or old fashioned. In fact, it's one of the more radical input peripherals that we have seen in recent times. This object is actually a mouse, though it looks more like a hockey puck from outer space. Some are comparing it to the Apple colored "puck mouse" that shipped with the colorful iMac line years back, but it's definitely different.

It was designed by David Lewis, and it has a top surface that actually recognizes multi-touch input, much like Apple's Magic Mouse. Users can hover the puck around the move the cursor as usual, or simply use their fingers to scroll via gestures, etc. There's even multi-media remote controls on top for playing, pausing and skipping tracks. It connects to Windows-based PCs via a typical 2.4GHz wireless connection, and will retail soon for $80. We doubt it's very good for gaming, though.
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