Asus Windows RT 10.1" Tablet To Boast Tegra 3, Windows 8, Plenty Of Metro

Ah, the wide world of Windows 8 is opening up even further this week, and in a major way. Computex is the launching ground for quite a few new Win8-based devices, with Asus in particular introducing the Windows RT Tablet. It's a 10.1" convertible device with an optional keyboard dock, using NVIDIA's Tegra 3 quad-core mobile processor. There's plenty of power here, for sure. ASUS didn’t disclose pricing or availability for what they described for now as a product preview, but that seems to be the norm with these Windows 8-based rigs.

The companies are aiming for a "no-compromise, touch-first Windows experience," with both NVIDIA and Asus working tightly with Microsoft to perfect the Metro interface on this device. Sadly, the rest of the details are under wraps, but at least there's the video above to keep you warm.