Asus uBoom Notebook Speakers Double As Dock, Attention Getters

Uh, okay? We have to say, we're all about taking risks, and we greatly appreciate it when companies deviate from the straight-and-narrow in order to take a chance. But it'll still take some time for us to get our minds around the latest two laptop speaker docks from Asus. The uBoom Series of compact notebook speakers are large docks that are powered via a USB 2.0 socket, which--if you have a netbook-probably means you'll be using half of your available USB ports to power these sound cannons.

These devices are the first ever by Asus, with the uBoom and uBoom Q soundbars adding serious sound to notebooks, which generally boast lackluster audio qualities. There's even a bass reflex port for added low-end, and considering that these will certainly be thicker than your notebook, it'll boost your notebook up in order to improve air flow underneath. There's no information on pricing nor availability yet, but you can peer at the full press release below.

ASUS uBoom Series Compact Notebook Speakers

-- The World’s Most Compact Sound-bar Speakers Powered by USB 2.0 for High
Fidelity Audio Entertainment --
Taipei, Taiwan; August 21, 2009 - As an established manufacturer of high performance audio cards, ASUS has always been at the forefront of delivering the best in audio entertainment technology to its consumers. Today, ASUS is proud to announce the launch of its first ever multimedia speaker series. The ASUS uBoom and uBoom Q sound-bar speakers are designed to provide high fidelity audio and good quality bass via a maze-like reflex port, which is then channeled through speakers designed to place the user in the audio sweet-spot. For added convenience and mobility, both the ASUS uBoom and uBoom Q sound-bar speakers feature USB 2.0 connectivity for audio output. The uBoom Q also draws its power via the USB 2.0 port, effectively eliminating the need for an adapter and the numerous wires often associated with conventional speaker set-ups and providing high fidelity audio reproduction while on-the-move.

Cinematic Audio Reproduction through Innovative Design
With the ASUS uBoom and uBoom Q sound-bar speakers, users can enjoy their movies, videos and games in greater clarity and bass. A specially designed maze-like reflex port delivers adrenaline-pumping bass, while powerful satellite speakers place users in a sweet-spot of high fidelity sound.

Clutter-free High-fidelity Audio Entertainment and Power via USB 2.0
Both the ASUS uBoom and uBoom Q sound-bar speakers are designed to bring ease-of-use and convenience to users while on-the-move. 50% smaller than conventional 2.1 speaker set-ups, the ASUS uBoom and uBoom Q sound-bar speakers connect directly to the back of the notebook via USB 2.0. They effectively replace the onboard sound with a high fidelity codec for enhanced audio enjoyment. The ASUS uBoom Q also draws its power from the same USB 2.0 port, effectively eliminating the need for a power adapter, wires and cables, further reinforcing its mobile audio entertainment capabilities.

Effective Heat Dispersion and a Smoother Audio Experience
Cylindrical in design, the ASUS uBoom doubles as a notebook dock which offers a greater amount of air-flow for more effective heat dispersion. Its full aluminum body eliminates unwanted overtones, thus delivering a wholly satisfying listening experience for videos, movies and games.