ASUS To Unveil Eee Desktop At Computex

With less than two weeks to go until the start of Computex 2008, the whirlwind of product announcements and rumored announcements continue to fly. The latest of which is that ASUS is ready to show off the Eee PC’s desktop cousin.

“The only details that have been delivered to use at present are that it contains a 160GB Hard Drive, 2GB ram, will run Linux OS as found on the EeePC.

Although no CPU details [are available], the likely suspect is still the Intel Atom.”

The fact that Intel’s Atom has been rumored to be in short supply doesn’t bode well for a quick and clean launch, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed.  We suspect that we'll get a complete breakdown on the Eee desktop at Computex, so be sure to check back with us once we start posting our Computex '08 series of articles.