Asus Teaser Video Promises "Twice The Detail"

What does Asus have planned for MWC next week? It's hard to say, but from the looks of a new teaser video, at least one new device (we're guessing a tablet) will have a higher resolution display. In a short, 17-second video clip, Asus teases us with a clip that says, "Twice the Detail, Twice the Fun." If you head on over to Asus' Facebook page, you'll see the teaser video (also below) as well as a countdown to an "Incredible Launch" slated for February 27.

The teaser video gives few other details about the company's future announcement, though the video definitely seems to hint at an Android-powered tablet. Could it be the Transformer Prime TF700T we saw at CES (which was certainly gorgeous)? Or something else? One thing is certain: we'll know in a few days.