This ASUS ROG Keycap Is The GPU Bling Your Cherry MX Mechanical Keyboard Needs

Have you been striking out on finding a graphics card that's both in stock and selling for anywhere remotely close to MSRP? Join the club. While frustrating, the key to GPU bliss can be found if you're willing to shift your focus to your keyboard for a miniature replica. No, the ASUS ROG TouchStone keycap won't run Crysis (or any other game), but hey, the fans spin!

The ROG keycap is a replacement for your mechanical keyboard's right-side Shift key. There's obviously not an actual GPU tucked inside. Same goes for GDDR memory or any other electronic components. But it sure does look snazzy. It should be relatively durable, too, as it is made from CNC carved aluminum that has been polished and laser-engraved with the ROG theme.

Here it is in action...

Built for mechanical keyboards with Cherry MX key switches, the keycap measures 51mm long by 18mm wide by 11mm high, and weighs 0.34kg. It comes packaged in tiny box designed to look like the retail packaging for an ASUS ROG graphics card, both on the exterior and on box on the inside. This is one of those cases where even the packaging makes for a cool keepsake or prop.

This is the perfect accessory for someone who already owns an actual ASUS ROG graphics card. For those in search of a graphics card, however, this would also serve as a constant reminder that the only GPU you can get your hands on is a replica for your keyboard.

It's also a bit expensive for a single keycap (399 Chinese Yuan, which is around $63 in US currency), because apparently even items that resemble a GPU carry a premium these days. For other options to bling out your keyboard, you can find more custom keycaps on Amazon.