Asus Reveals 15" Zenbook Touch U500VZ Laptop With Windows 8, Dual SSDs

As CES 2013 creeps ever closer, it looks as if yet another item has leaked out ahead of what we can only presume will be an official debut next week in Las Vegas. Asus has established a product website for a new 15" Zenbook Touch U500VZ. This marks the first instance that we've heard of this machine, but judging by the name, it seems sure that it'll be one of the few full-size notebooks to boast a full touch panel. With Windows 8 now out in full force, a finding touch panels on portable machines is going to become more common. After all, it's the first major OS from Microsoft to embrace touch as a primary input method, and it could encourage existing Win7 laptop owners to upgrade solely for the touch screen.

Specs wise, Asus is promising an Intel Core i7-3632QM processor, a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M GPU, and two 256GB SSDs within. (Yes, seriously!) The 15" LCD is an IPS panel, and while we can tell that a smattering of USB 3.0 ports dot the sides, we're going to have to wait until next week for pricing information and the like.