ASUS P5GD2, Logisys 500W PSU and Others

Good morning friends, welcome back to HH.  With a cold and rainy day outside, today is a perfect excuse for huddling around the warmth of my computers.  With an AMD on one side and a P4 on the other, I think I am well situated for the day ;)  Here is your AM shot of juice...

 Asus P5GD2 Deluxe review @ OCMod Shop

"Because this motherboard has so many overclocking features I could tell from the start that things were going to go well. I decided to overclock normally by choosing the standard overclocking option and adjusting the FSB and voltage. After increasing the FSB and adding more voltage as needed my final result was a FSB of 265 taking my 2.8GHz P4 to 3.7GHz! With this overclock it also pushed my Corsair memory to DDR706 which is extremely impressive. To achieve this overclock I flashed the BIOS to version 1003 and set the DDR voltage to 1.9v, northbridge to 1.5v, and CPU to 1.5875v. I also locked the PCI-Express to 100Mhz and PCI to 33.33MHz. Unfortunately my cooling got in the way after increasing the CPU voltage causing it overheat and shutdown my system. I know this motherboard could have given me more, however without watercooling my processor would have been in danger."

 Logisys Glacier Dual LED Fan 500W Power Supply @ BigBruin.Com

"The silver control knob on the back of the Logisys Glacier power supply controls the speed of the two fans... Unfortunately the control knob was not very reliable; it only worked for about an hour. During that hour, I was able to adjust the speed of the fans (and the brightness of the fan LEDs). Shortly thereafter, I needed to leave the room so I turned the fans down to the middle speed. When I came back, the fans were off..."

 Ezonics 5.1 Surround Sound Headphones @ ExtremeMHz

"I love having surround sound on my computer. It's great for games, music, and movies...pretty much anything that requires speakers will sound much better on a surround sound speaker system. Within the last two years or so, we've begun to see surround sound filter over to headphones as well. It makes a lot of sense, as there may be times or places where it would not be good to turn your speakers up really loud, or if you travel frequently it may not be possible to cart all those speakers around with you. Today, Compgeeks has been kind enough to provide us with a set of Ezonics 5.1 surround sound headphones. This system is unique in that it does not require a 5.1 sound card or even audio jacks. Interested? Read on!"

 Mountain Mods Twice 7 Case @ Viper Lair

"Everything on the case uses thumbscrews, which makes building and administrating your system extremely easy. For example, four thumbscrews and the 5.25" bay slides right out allowing extremely easy installation of devices. Everything is basically designed for ease of use. The two compartments make wiring easy, and cooling performance even better."

 3GHz LGA775 CPU hits 3.9GHz @ ClubOC!

"That's right, an Intel P4 3.0GHz LGA775 processor hit 3.9GHz on OEM cooling! It was a little unstable for games, so we had to settle for 3.76GHz. Check out the review over at Club Overclocker!"

Time for me to get some work done.  I will catch you in a few hours :) - Cheers

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