ASUS P4C800, Basic System Buyer's Guide, and more!

It's only around 10:30PM right now, but my eyelids feel like bricks... how about you? I still have to do some shopping on Newegg for a client, so I'll get straight to the news...

Arctic Cooling NV Silencer 5 Video Card Cooler @ Systemcooling

"Arctic Cooling manufactures a line of GPU coolers designed to combat not only the heat issues, but noise issues as well, and we know from experiencing the original VGA Silencer that they have succeeded in the past on both counts. Today, we're looking at one of their newest offerings, the NV Silencer 5, and we'll find out if this new generation of Silencer is as good as the old one."

Basic System Buyer's Guide - Holiday Season 2004 @ Mikhailtech

"AMD's Athlon XP-based Sempron is currently the best bang for the buck. Socket 754 is a promising and upgrade-friendly platform, but unfortunately it's out of our price range so we'll be sticking with Socket A. The Thoroughbred Sempron 2200+ runs at 1.5Ghz, 333MHz FSB, has a 256K L2 cache, a stock voltage of 1.6V, and is based on the 0.13Micron process. While we're not building this system with overclocking in mind, there's almost certainly some headroom for the more adventurous."

Silverstone LC05 Mini-IXT Case reviewed @

"Silverstone has opted to go with a design that is entirely different than anything seen in the Mini-ITX market prior to this. I should also mention that due the unique outline of LC05 this case has been dubbed the Piano Master case by some people due to its strong resemblance to a grand piano. The LC05 at first may come off as rather plain looking, but I prefer to think that it is aesthetically pleasing."

ASUS P4C800 @

"...what they don't realise is that the most important part of our PC is the motherboard. It is responsible for managing all the devices, such as hard drives, CPU and memory cards. It is motherboard that CPU verclocking depends on as much as overall comfort of the PC maintenance. Some people also focus on their motherboards equipment, manufacturers give manu incents like HDD round shaped wires, USB or FireWire slots or other useful elements."

ATI Plots to drop X700XT! @

"Yep - the strategy seems to be to replace its X700XT – a competitor to NVIDIA's well received GeForce 6600GT – with a 12-pipeline RADEON X800 (possibly a RADEON X800 XL variant) featuring a 400MHz GPU core and 500MHz memory clocks, and ship it at an aggressive price-point, thereby enabling its AIB partners - such as Connect3D and GeCUBE - to supply to the channel at $249 or, probably, much less."