Asus O!Play AIR HDP-R3 Brings 802.11n Streaming, Card Reader

Asus may have been a little known computer company just a few years back, but today it's gaining steam and branching out into more and more areas. Take this product for example, the O!Play AIR HDP-R3. It's the second set-top box in the "O!Play" lineup, and while this one doesn't look at that different (physically, anyway), there are a few nice extras added in for those who chose to pass on the first edition.

At its core, this is a simple media streamer/player. You simply hook it up near your HDTV, get it on your network (via Ethernet or Wi-Fi), and then enjoy whatever media you have on your network. This one ships with 802.11n support, which should get high-def content from your media collection to your television without as many drops. It also ships with in inbuilt card reader, which allows for media to be loaded locally so long as it's on a CF, SD MMC, or Memory Stick/MSDuo card.

You'll also find an HDMI 1.3 ports, USB 2.0 port, eSATA/USB 2.0 combo port and a Wi-Fi LED indicator on the front. We're hearing that it will ship soon in Europe for around €90, but we're still eager to see if it'll ship to the US.