ASUS Mobos, WiFi and Proper Password Management

Good morning all!  Man, last night was a tense evening around the HH labs.  With the Yankees "blowing it" and the Red Sox making history, emotions were high.  Needless to say, Yankees fans are pretty cranky and Davo, our lone Sox fan, (correction Jeff, Tom is one too!) is laughing all the way home.  It was fun to watch, even for a non-fan like myself, but after the Sox put up 8 runs, I knew it was time to call it a night.  Oh well, at least NY still has two football teams doing really good right now. Heck, the Jets are undefeated! Who would've guessed that one?!?!  (want to put some money on the Pats/Jets game this weekend? ;) ) Anyhow, here is your news for this morning.

Asus NCCH-DL Intel 875P Dual Xeon Motherboard @ GamePC Labs:

"The NCCH-DL is different from the majority of other Xeon boards on the market as it utilizes Intel's nearly two year old 875P chipset with Intel's latest "Nocona" Xeon processors. Not only does this make the board extremely low cost (for a Xeon platform), but as our tests show, it actually makes this one of (if not the) fastest Xeon platforms on the market."

Asus K8N-E Deluxe Review @ Club Overclocker:

"To take advantage of the unlocked multiplier of the AMD Athlon64 processors, it is essential that the motherboard you choose is capable of locking the PCI and AGP bus speeds. While the K8T800 PRO chipset can do it, there is only one motherboard available with that chipset that supports Socket 754. nVidia's nForce3-250Gb chipset has the locks in place and Asus has built a board around the chipset called the K8N-E Deluxe."

How to Manage Your Username and Password The Easy and Secure Way @ The Tech Zone:

"I used to use Microsoft Excel to manage my usernames, passwords, and other registration information, both online and offline. Excel is not safe because there are programs to crack password protected Excel workbooks and I even cracked the spreadsheet and VBA source code password for one of my old Excel financial models I developed. Today I still use Excel to store some personal information but I only save the Excel file on my another PC that is not connected to Internet."

Edimax Wireless 802.11g Network @

"Since I have multiple PCs and five family members in the house who all want access to the Internet, I have to create a small network to accomodate all of our needs. My past solution for this was running a Home PNA Network. Home PNA is a network that uses your existing phone wiring for data transfer. It worked well for me for over five years, but the catch is one of your PCs has to have the Home PNA NIC and a 10/100 NIC to the cable modem or router. This PC has always been mine since it remains on almost all the time. The problem with that is that I am always taking my PC apart for testing and reviews. Needless to say, the family was getting upset with me when they could not get onto the Internet."

That's about all for now, but we'll be back real soon!