ASUS K8N-DL & Dual Opteron 252, Digital Television Explained

Hey folks, I hope ya'll had a good weekend. I'm a little short on time, so I'll skip the chat and let you jump straight into the news. Enjoy!

ASUS K8N-DL and Dual Opteron 252 @ LostCircuits

"It still appears that one of the main problems AMD has been facing in the past, that is, great processors hampered by the lack of chipset support still rears its head, existing platforms are somewhat stale, bordering on obsolete technology. This is where nVidia's nForce4 Professional core logic aims to fill the void. Currently, less than a handful of boards are out there but we have secured one of them, namely the ASUS K8N-DL and run it through the paces. Several BIOS revisions later, we are still not quite where we want to be ..."

Foxconn Intel i945/i955 Dual Core Motherboards @ Legit Reviews

"Legit Reviews looks at three leading dual core motherboards from Foxconn and see how they handle the latest Intel processors. With the market moving toward dual core CPU's, you need either an i945 or i955 chipset based board to correctly utilize Intel's newest processors. Price points drive the market and LR checks to see if Foxconn's newest boards balance budget and performance."

Seagate 120GB Momentus 5400.2 PATA Notebook Hard Disk @ Adrian's Rojak Pot

"Till today, notebook users have to content with a single hard disk and often a small one at that. Hard disk sizes of 40GB and 60GB are not only unheard of but actually in common use! Today, we are going to take a look at the new Seagate 120GB Momentus 5400.2 PATA notebook hard disk, which not only comes with 120GB of storage space but also 8MB of cache!"

Buying Guide: Inkjet Printers @ CoolTechZone

"Printers are differentiated on two broad technologies: Laser Printers and Inkjet Printers. As a thumb rule, Laser printers are generally much more expensive than Inkjet printers but have duty cycles of around 3-4000 pages per cartridge. Obviously, there are printers that have heavier duty cycles but they are accordingly priced."

Digital Television (DTV) Explained @ CoolTechZone

"It is said that roads and transportation are the lifelines of a country, but in the modern world, Television easily beats roads to that title and why not? Who cares about boring grey tarmac when you can discover a whole new world at the flick of the remote?"