ASUS Goes for the Gold With New Z87 Motherboards

There’s gold in them thar motherboards, or so the saying (sort of) goes. ASUS announced that its upcoming line of Intel Z87-based motherboards will sport a decidedly gold color scheme, from the heatsinks to the DIMM slots. The boards will also feature black PCBs and silver accents.

For the record, we’re talking nearly the whole line, including ASUS’ TUF, and WS motherboards, so if you prefer the older blue scheme over the new gold one, you're out of luck unless you roll with an ROG board.


ASUS says that the new “gold imbued” heatsinks actually do offer better cooling performance, with a larger surface area for better heat dissipation than its earlier motherboards and a “multi-faceted and multi-tiered” design.

Unfortunately, we can’t share much else about ASUS’ Z87 motherboards just yet, but rest assured that all the juicy details are coming soon.
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